Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fred's Take

Being the cautious person that I am. Certain precautions are necessary to protect myself from the potential pitfalls of our marriage. In the off chance that Anna were to find my treasure, or that I would lose a large some of money from a wallet bet, I would find myself in need of leverage to ensure I could reclaim these treasured items. Thus the picture below:

One evening I was outside grilling while Anna was inside preparing the rest of our dinner. In a hurry to get a knife to check the steaks I stepped in the house and asked her to hand me a knife. While my arm was in the house reaching for the knife, I was looking outside watching the grill. Anna grabs the knife and (while not looking up from her project) hands it to me pointy end first. The result was the pictured puncturing of my hand. After finishing the grilling I quickly took a photo of the wound for documentation.

This will serve as proof of abuse in case I should ever need to take her to court to reclaim my vast treasure. Or at a minimum a good settlement from Jason Bourne.


Anna said...

Hmmm. Are you finally admitting that this little incident wasn't completely my fault?

Nia Nielsen said...

You guys are hilarious. I love anniversary week!