Sunday, August 29, 2010

Notes on Eating Out

As you saw in the last post, we're no strangers to eating out. We're great at coming up with reasons: someone had a great day, Elliot has been good, it's too hot to cook, we're out of gas in the grill, no food in the fridge, etc.

One place we've never been to in all of our years together?
Macaroni Grill.

In the beginning, Fred didn't want to go there because a girl he dated for like 3 weeks worked there. I can understand that, but it's been over 7 years and we still haven't gone. I'm guessing she doesn't still work there. Secretly? I'm not all that upset as it was the location of my first and last and absolutely awful blind date... so, you know... the place has sort of been wrecked for me too.

Lazlo's has always been our go-to place but that might have to change. A week ago, Fred ordered up a glass of their seasonal beer. This week (yes, we go at least once a week), he ordered the same beer but got something else. Politely telling the server, the manager came over and offered up a new pull. He got the same beer. Embarrassed, Fred realizes that what they are giving him is the same as the wrong one. By this point, we have every server (and that manager) checking on us every 5 minutes to make sure everything is good.

I can't believe we became those people.

(And, Fred still swears it was the wrong beer. Both times.)


Maybe we should give Macaroni Grill a whirl?

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Anonymous said...

no macaroni grill. for some reason we keep going. always bad service. I've never gotten the correct drink. last time the waitress kept correcting what we were ordering. We were saying EXACTLY what the menu said and she would say, oh you mean "italian here". if you want a cheaper equivalent with better service, go to fazolis. Or nate morrissey's world famous leftover fried spaghetti breakfast.

Nate the Great.