Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reading in the Workplace

Dear Chick Working at Kind-of Local Coffee Place:

I picked up a sandwich and noticed you had a sign stating that your credit card machine wasn't working. I apologized and started to walk away when you told me you could run my card. Sweet! Add a muffin on to that then. I hand you my card and you swiped it. Then you stared at the computer. Stared long and hard and I knew... your credit card machine wasn't working.

You asked the girl behind you who stared at me and said "Yeah, the credit card machine is down. There's the sign," and pointed to what I had already read. Oh, I said, dejected.

I was fine.
Until your little friend said "Man, I wish people could read."

I kept walking. But just so you know, I wanted to turn around and rip you to pieces for not acknowledging your error in all of this. Don't you know the customer is always right? And if I tell you that the sign says your credit card machine is broken that it is, in all likelihood, broken? Instead you wasted my time and made me look like a complete idiot.

So in lieu of ripping you a new one, I formulated my email to Bob Kind-of Local Coffee Place in my head. An email in which I plan to ask him if his employees can read. And then click SEND.


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