Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special Guest: Negative Nancy

How is everyone on this fine, freaking hot Thursday? Freaking-fracking-melds the soles of my shoes to the asphalt as I try to walk across the street-hot Thursday, that is.

Heat + Humidity + Wind = NASTY

RibFest is in town. Can you feel my excitement? The sound of squealing pigs all morning (kidding)(maybe), the smell of charred flesh drizzled in sauce all afternoon and the sad, sad country crooner that has nothin' left but his dog and a gi'tar. I love that his music is so loud that my filing cabinet vibrates against my desk making the most annoying noise ever. I love walking 67 blocks out of my way just to get to work from my parking lot because entire streets are closed for this slaughterhouse on wheels. I love RibFest.

Did I mention it's hot? It's hot EVERY time RibFest is in town. Which is precisely why I'm boycotting PigFest this year.

Well, that, and the fact that I don't need a fried anything (oreos, peaches and funnel cakes are ready to go!) or to buy over-priced (yet amazingly awesome) food and sit in the heat to eat it on uncomfortable chairs and plastic covered tables. Plastic that sticks to sweaty arms. And then trudge back to work, sweaty, hot, sticky and full of grease.

Anyway. I'm not going this year. NOT.


Wait - what?
Did someone say something about lunch tomorrow?
I hear Porky & Beans is awesome!

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