Friday, September 3, 2010

Panic at the Preschool

Fred picked up Elliot last night and was informed by the teacher that he should wear his Husker gear today.

"I not have any!" a panicked Elliot said to Fred.

Now before any of you blackshirts come banging down my door - he is always equipped with at least one shirt but we just haven't picked one up for him this year. Well, until last night, that is.

The guy at the first store asked what I needed and I told them: a Husker shirt for my 3 year old boy. All staff within earshot chimed in with some comment on necessity and not going out in public without one and disbelief that I would allow my child to not have a fitting Husker shirt at all times. The Horror! But they didn't have anything decent* that fit him so off I went.

My drive to the second store was wrought with anxiety and fear that I would get pulled over and arrested for not having "gear"for Elliot. I'm pretty sure there is some kind of State Statute regarding this. You don't even plan a wedding for a game day unless you have a reception facility with numerous televisions tuned to the game. You don't make any vacation plans for game days unless there will be a television at your final destination. Husker is a way of life and seeing that THE STADIUM becomes the third biggest populated place in Nebraska on game day, I can kind of see why.

The second store is solely dedicated to Husker gear and I easily picked out a shirt for him and drove home.

This morning, he showed up in my room fully dressed and said "Ima wear my Hukskers shirt today! Thank you mommy!"

As if I didn't already know, that kid is definitely just like his father.

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* The guy really did try to talk me into a black jersey, sized 7/8, and suggested I tie a knot in it. Um, no. First, it's too big. Second, my son is a HE. Third, it won't make me buy it if you tell me all the skinny college girls are buying them.

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{B} said...

We can hook you up with some cool sites for Sooner gear.....just say the word!