Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Weekend Done Right

- Long drives in the sun with music blaring
- A perfectly adorable son who was well-behaved and polite
- Movie with the ladies - Gma Judy, Steph and Cindy
- Seeing pregnant Steph for likely the last time she's pregnant
- Wishing I could get my hands on that new Roach baby
- Nights on the deck, cool enough for a sweatshirt
- Cleaning out the craft room
- Nachos for dinner during the Nebraska game
- Sunday morning paper, followed by Monday morning paper
- Sleeping in until 8 and pajama day Monday
- Coloring with Elliot on brand new paper
- Working on a special project for a certain person *wink*
- Hanging out with Fred after E goes to bed
- Watching "a show" with Elliot before he goes to bed
- Catching up on 'Project Runway'
- Think Gretchen on PR is a huge b$*@&
- Answering all of the why's with minor annoyance
- Made headway on some things on my 'to do' list
- Hearing Fred explain football to Elliot
- Great kids clearance at Target for next summer's clothes
- Grilled hamburgers and a bag of Doritos

And, as soon as 'Blue's Clues' is over and Elliot's in bed?
- Sewing time ... just me, myself and I

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