Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love to Hate You

I love to hate people on tv. Admit it, you do it too. And if you don't - then you're missing out because there are LOTS of people out there to hate on.

Amber from Teen Mom? Enough said.

My current favorite? Gretchen on Project Runway. She's evil and conniving and manipulative and just downright witchy. And then? She goes and pulls a stunt like she did on last week's episode and has the audacity to make me ALMOST care about her.

She made it into the final 4 and that means you go home with a pile of cash to design your runway show. Only when she went home she found an empty house, no boyfriend and a drained bank account. And just when my cold, black heart started to flutter I remembered back to some of her other shenanigans and decided that her boyfriend was probably counting down the days until she left for NY to be on the show.

Does it excuse his behavior? No.

But did she talk to or about him at all during the show? No.

So... your relationship was already sketchy to begin with and I hereby declare that you are not worth the time and effort to start up this old ticker.

And? Your designs are HIDEOUS.
I can't believe -- spoiler alert -- you won.
High waisted, pleated pants?

I swore that I'd be done with Project Runway if she won - and well, she did. And that combined with all this crap that's gone down with Marie Claire (and the most fabulous rebuttal of all here) this week makes my decision final.

Project Runway? You are out. Auf wiedersehen.


Tina said...
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Tina said...

What I meant to say is:

You mean you didn't think that Gretchen's brown grannie panties deserved the win?

They should start calling the show "project ready-to-wear" if that's what they're looking for...

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Could not agree more about Gretchen. I did not like and wouldn't wear almost anything she made. It didn't even look great on models, much less real people. Yuck! It was just weird that she won. I wonder what Tim Gunn thought?