Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Riding Elevators

Our office outgrew its space some time ago and we now have space in parts of two floors. Because we're proudly lazy, we tend to ride the elevator up or down that one floor instead of walking 15 yards over to the stairs.

Earlier this week, a co-worker got busted on the elevator hopping on to ride down one floor but the door opened and other passengers were waiting for her to get on. In a moment of self-conscious panic she decided to ride all the way down to first floor to give the appearance of not being so lazy and casually picked up a paper from the lobby as they all left the building.

She immediately hopped the elevator back up to my floor and came into my office laughing about what just happened. (And how, duh, she should have looked like a super-worker and mentioned that she was going to the basement storage to ... organize or something.)

Today she got on the elevator and something magical happened. The guy in the car had a bag full of crispy treats from Noodles and she expressed her love for the treat.

He asked if she'd like one. Heck ya!
He asked if she liked Noodles. Heck ya!
How about Noodles for the whole office tomorrow? Heck ya!

I immediately declared tomorrow "National Elevator Day" wherein you are to avoid taking stairs whenever possible because great things can happen in elevators, and my co-worker is living proof.

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