Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Years Later

I did about a 2 year stint at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. For 11 of those months, I lived with Danielle and Rosie nearly lived with us. For 10 of those months we were the best of friends.

Rosie, Danielle and Me - 2000

Then things fell apart (I won't bore you, will just note that we were 20 and 22 years old stupid girls) and we all went our separate ways.

Enter facebook.

We found each other and started talking and in August we decided we were going to Denver to celebrate Danielle's 30th birthday, booked flights, booked a hotel and anxiously waited to see each other again. That day was this past Friday.

Within 5 minutes of meeting Rosie at her gate, we were laughing and hugging and on our way to find Danielle. Within 2 minutes of climbing in her car we were completely reverted back to that age and acting as silly as ever. And laughing until I was choking. And then laughing some more. By the time we got to the hotel, my stomach hurt and I was in tears.

The girls were back together: Hose, Smell and Banana.

There's a really good reason why friends like us should really only meet up with each other. I would feel sorry for any "outsider" that would laugh along at our comments but have no idea what we're actually talking about.

Remember that time that Larry was over and then you went to Kevin's? HA HA HA Remember your cute little Home Depot apron? Remember when all the cooks from Bennigan's showed up at our apartment? HA HA HA Remember when we had that accident with that bicyclist? Only Rosie said HA HA HA to that one. Remember when Omar tried to tell you it was 'Back That Thing Up' and you proved him wrong? Remember the girls next door? HA HA HA

You're annoyed, aren't you?

It was as if it really hasn't been 10 years of kids, husbands, mortgages and, instead, like we'd all just gotten home from work or class and were ready to watch some Springer. That is, of course, if Rosie wasn't too busy "listening" to her alarm clock radio.

Rosie, Danielle and Me - 2010

I'm looking forward to 2020 when we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Funny how we are in the same order in each picture. Also, I think anyone would laugh at that story. Golly, remember how she was limping when I walked her bike home for her...

Anonymous said...

Limping?? WOMAN.... her wrist was shattered! Stop laughing Hose.... I told you everytime I see a bicyclist in an intersection I FREAK OUT!!! Not funny !

Anna said...

Sorry Hose, I'm with Smell on this one. Not funny.