Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I'm Not Following Your Blog

I recently embarked on the task of all tasks - I cleaned out my Google Reader. It was a somewhat painful task as I had accumulated 243 blogs that were demanding my attention on a pretty regular basis. More and more I found myself marking specific blogs as "read" more than any other so I jotted down what I didn't like.

And then the fun began.

I printed out a list of the blogs and then, taking a total of 8 seconds, I deleted EVERY SINGLE SUBSCRIPTION out of my Google Reader. Yep, every last one of them.

Yep, even you. Sorry - nothing personal.

Friends and family were absolutely added back in, no questions asked. (Yes, even those of you that haven't posted since some time in early 2009.) Then I applied my rules and added back 102 subscriptions ... these folks didn't make the cut:

  • You have cats as the focus of nearly every picture – and not the funny i can has cheeseburger cats.
  • I have to click through to your blog to read the post.
  • You blather on about the exact same thing every single day.
  • Sewing blog specific: your fabric choices suck. Regularly.
  • You are annoying and talk about how much you love your "hubsie" every day. No one loves their "hubsie" every day. NO ONE. IT'S NOT HEALTHY.
  • Product placement is obvious in movies but even more so when a usual mommy-blogger starts ranting on (DAILY!) about what great product she just got! And oh! look! it's free if I just review it right here on my blog! and force you to read it! and pretend to care! Isn't that fabulous?
Did I leave anything out? What annoys you on blogs?
And if you say that I annoy you, I will only subscribe to you harder.

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n8rlvr said...

That is hilarious! I need to do the same thing. There is too much CRAP in my reader.

And the lovey-dovey, sappy "hubsie" bullshit just makes me want to puke in my mouth. Ugh.