Monday, November 8, 2010

And the SuckTastic Winner Is...

It should be no surprise that we Seckmans can't make decisions ...

I gave Fred the four comments that listed something sucky and assigned each a number. I had him read each and then pick out the one that sucked the most. Truly, a sucky way of doing business because it's not random or weighted with any real measurements of value. His options:

1. Drivers
2. The Griswold's
3. Pants Off
4. Bananas

His response: I agree with 4 cause I hate bananas although I’d pick 3 hands down were it not for my hatred of bananas.

And here's where the dilemma lies. I LOVE bananas. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Cut up in my cereal, cut up in my oatmeal, mashed into bread, dipped in chocolate, or just out of the peel. I HEART BANANAS. I cannot vote for someone that hates my favorite food.

So - we have two winners: Brenda and Kait!
I'll be contacting each of you soon.

And what did they win?

A homemade goodie from yours truly (see that coming?).

I've been whipping up these 'mug rugs' lately and just love them. A mug rug is like a fabric coaster, but large enough for your mug and a little snack and/or your spoon. This weekend, I made a matching pair and instead of listing them in my shop, I plan to give one to each of the winners.

Shameless plug: There is ONE mug rug left in my shop right now, so if you want it you better hop over there and snatch it up! There's other cool stuff so feel free to buy everything.

Coming soon: A post of things I think are awesome.

I know, y0u can hardly stand the wait.

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