Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trashy Hopes and Dreams

E: Mom.
A: Yeah?
E: Where's college?
A: Well, it depends. There are a lot of colleges.
E: Where's college?
A: There's a college here. It's called the University of Nebraska.
E: Okay. Is college a far time away?
A: Yes - you'll be all grown up.
E: (Thinking)
E: Okay. I got to college for to be a doctor, then I be a trash truck guy.
A: What? Well, I think you should skip college then.
F: Not if he wants to run his own business.
F: Elliot, do you want to own your own trash truck?
E: Nope, just be the squisher guy on the back.

Side note, I spent a combined 5 hours this morning trying to find the Tri-County Landfill and Sanitation Garbage Truck from Toy Story 3. I know someone who will be very happy on Christmas morning.

And - the traffic, bitchy, pushy shoppers and crabby store clerks reminded me why the majority of our gifts this year are handmade. So I get away with being bitchy, pushy and crabby, duh.