Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking Up Was Surprisingly Easy To Do

My sister quit facebook back in September and I remember thinking at the time that I should probably quit too as there's really nothing there that I need. (Or want.) But I've always been a bit behind the times so it should really come as no surprise that I'm just now quitting. I did, after all, finally get an ESPRIT bag in 9th grade when they were soooo 6th grade.

I pulled the plug on the ole' fb account earlier today.

I once had accumulated a giant pile of friends and even opened a page for my Something Sewn business. I had uploaded pictures of the quickly-growing Elliot and had been tagged in pictures of others. Heck, I even got in touch with long-lost friends in college through facebook.

But, it's done. facebook seems to have run its course for me.

I was logging in as a way to cure boredom. I was deleting and hiding people that only play games and subject me to their achievements, post daily about their kids' poop, share entirely too much information and/or post nothing but videos, daily horoscopes and workout updates.

Honestly, I have better things that I could (and some that I should) be doing instead of sitting slack-jawed at the computer, staring at names and faces and growing increasingly annoyed at the lack of actual information and updates. And not doing those things makes me annoyed.

So if the annoyed's cancel each other out I'm left with the root of the problem: facebook. And then I simply multiplied by how much I like facebook (read: 0) and away it went.


Stephanne said...

Good for you! I keep going back and forth, but haven't had the guts!! Maybe someday I too will buck up and pull the plug...

But I will say this as a positive FB note... I'm glad it allowed us to reconnect. I have many a fond memory of walking to school with frozen hair in j-town, talking about seat belts and these days I am forever inspired in reading your blog.

Stay in touch, dear friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you went?

Anna said...

Steph - I am also glad we found each other again! I have your blog in my reader so you know I'll be keeping up on your life.

Anonymous - I'm sure I've missed you too.

Kaitlyn said...

I miss you on FB. I wondered where you went. Who is going to comment on my crafty shit links anymore? Come back.

Love, Kaitlyn