Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines + Non-Edible = FAIL

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Fred and I don't "do" Valentine's Day as we're both too pragmatic (and cheap) to spend a bunch of money on flowers, candy and eating out all for a holiday that doesn't hold much personal meaning to us as individuals or a couple.

That said, I remember Valentine's being one of the funnest holidays in elementary school - decorating a shoe box with tissue paper and construction paper and waiting patiently as friends filled each others boxes with little love notes. And candy.

Oh, the candy. It seemed like each Valentine had candy - and if it didn't? It was the most shunned and rejected one in your box.

Fast Forward to 2011 where we sent Elliot off to preschool with a batch of Valentines that had absolutely nothing edible attached. The kids these days... other than not staying off my lawn and listenin' to that loud rock and roll music... they're chock full of allergies, both real and potential and because of that, nothing edible can be inside the building.

What's the equivalent of Bah-humbug for Valentine's Day?

Elliot came home with a bag of JUNK on Monday. And while he loves it, it did make me a tiny bit reminiscent for "when I was younger" when times were certainly simpler. And sugary-er.


Tina said...

Krista got candy/treats on Valentine's - I made delicious sugar cookies with frosting, but then again she only has 8 kids in her preschool class AND she goes to a "ridiculous" Catholic School ;)

Aunt Juicebox said...

We always wait til the day after V-day to buy anything. I don't mind 50% off candy at all. lol However, some years, MJ loses his mind in the candy aisle and buys whatever he can get his paws on, and that kind of defeats the purpose of waiting til it's half off. lol