Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool Me Not

There are two kinds of April Fool's Day pranks - the kind I'm okay with and the kind I'm not. 

Okay: harmless pranks like giving someone a message to call Ben Dedd at (insert funeral home number here) or even telling kids it's a snow day when there isn't a speck of snow for miles.  It's funny to fill a pitcher with Jell-O and tell your kids that sure, they can have some Kool-aid.  Tee hee!

Not okay: mean pranks, whether intended to be or not.  Tying shoelaces together on the bus isn't a funny prank. I'm not okay with pranks that single someone out and embarrass or humiliate them and writing it off as an April Fool's Day joke.  It's painful to watch and---

I am embarrassed to admit I was part of one of those pranks today.  Whether my part was small or not (which, it was) doesn't really matter as much as how awful I felt when I could tell how much the recipient was hurt by the actions of myself and others. 

I apologized.  I still feel bad.

Lesson learned I hope.

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