Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Failing at Life... Or Just Parts of It

Debbie Downer here today to talk to you about the things in life that I'm currently failing at.

1.  Twitter.  It all depends on your definition of failing here because I do tweet now and again and mostly do it so there is some interest on this blog when I'm not, well, blogging.  However, I tweet to no one and no one tweets to me and I'm pretty sure that's a fail. 

Solution:  I look forward to quitting Twitting in the near future.

2.  Weight Watchers.  I'm down 14.2 pounds (huzzah!) but for some reason just can't seem to get on the wagon this week.  Not even sure how I got off but my money's on jumping into a plate of cookies last week.

Solution:  Every day is a new day; every week is a new week.

3.  Reading.  Not one single book was read in March.  I'm not even sure I read a single edition of the LJS Sunday Paper.  No magazines.  Heck, I'm not even sure I read speed limits or construction warnings.

Solution:  Open eyes while driving.

4.  Brown-Nosing.  I tried to suck up to my boss (actually, I didn't, but it's funnier this way) by making a baseball cookie with his favorite team on it but someone else ate it before he even saw it.

Solution:  Learn my lesson.

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