Monday, August 22, 2011

Blippits: A Definition and Examples

Hi, my name is Anna and it's been 2 weeks since my last post.
And I don't honestly know when or if it will get any better.

You see, I just don't feel like I have anything to talk about that you would actually want to read.  Things are going on, sure, but I never feel like it's anything you'd want to hear about.  Or I have a post in mind that nearly requires a picture - something I'm just too lazy and forgetful to do.  And some are things that I'm not sure how to actually talk about here.

So, instead, I give you blippits (blurbs + snippets):
  • Elliot has moved up to the 4 year old / official preschool room at school leaving behind his beloved Ms. Nicole.  Her favorite memory of him?  Him coming up to her and politely telling her "my shorts are in my body" ... I guess we failed at teaching him what a wedgie is.  
  • Also, he got new shoes - in a size 12W.  Hellllo, giant feet.
  • The first Farmers' Market I did was great.  The second?  Sucked so bad that it had me re-thinking my ability to even turn on a sewing machine. Thankfully, Etsy picked up a bit and my confidence was restored.  Farmers' Market though?  Pshaw, I'm over you.
  • I got a REALLY COOL invite to be in a local craft show (that shall remain nameless for what I'm about to say...) but then got uninvited (I KNOW) because one item I make is too similar to something that two other people make.  I responded that I was disappointed and thought I had more to offer than just that one item... and noted I wouldn't be applying.  I'm really upset about this one - I was so excited that she searched me out and personally invited me to be a part of her show and then, with clickety-clack of the keyboard, uninvited me without much thought. 
  • New nephew alert!  Wyatt joined the ranks of Seckman grand kids as Fred's sister Steph had her second child nearly 2 weeks ago.  He's as cute as his brother was and just as charming.
  • We'll be at Disney World in 29 days!  I only wish that said FOR 29 days.
  • And because thinking of the big Dee-Dub (get it?  DW? Short for Disney World? Oh forget it.) reminds me of lots of people taking your picture, let me tell you a sad little story involving yours truly.  You see, we had a special event last week that I had to work at and numerous pictures were taken.  Numerous pictures showing just how (ah-hem) large I have become.  If you know me at all, you know I'm not one of those 'Yeah, and I'm proud of my curves" women but, instead, am the type that was made physically ill at the sight and cued up the band for my very own pity party while simultaneously trying to hide out under a desk somewhere lest someone should see this ugliness.  How much ugly can I lose in 29 days?
  • The place where I work laid off two employees on the first of this month thanks to the lack of funding to sustain the positions. I'm still not sure what to think about it all and am completely unsure that it's even blog appropriate. All I know is that I am no longer working with two people that I considered to be both, coworkers and friends. And I miss them. And, in a sick sort of way, I'm happy it wasn't me.
  • On the heels of that news, we decided to take on a few home improvement projects in the event that it could be me next time and if we needed to sell the house, at least we'd be ready to go. What started off as some weeding and mulching in the back led to painting shutters, painting the front door, installing new door hardware and making plans to replace outside lights next month. Speaking of outside...
  • Shrubbery Update: I've got Fred nailed down for NEXT SPRING to get rid of those barberries! Finally! Hurray! Hurrah! How long till "next spring?"  That's like February, right?
  • Speaking of Fred, we celebrated our 7th anniversary earlier this month by shipping Elliot off to Tecumseh so I could sew and he could play video games. Uninterrupted.  That?  Is love. 
In honor of our anniversary, I'll give one lucky commenter all the money in my wallet!  All you have to do is tell me something that's happened in your life recently or give a suggestion on what you'd like me to blog about.  I'll leave this open through Thursday at 11:59pm CST and pick a winner at random on Friday.


Love, The Roach House said...

Thanks for the post. Something fun happening in my life? My friend is teaching me to sew. That's fun. What's not fun is the zillion projects I think I want to do, but have about 3 percent of the skills (or confidence) that I need to do them. I hope she and others keep learning me.

Anonymous said...

I have a small child trying to escape my belly 12 weeks too early. Blog that baby!

Brenda Weyers said...

Blippit - isn't that the thing you put in your hair to make it look like Snooki's?

Okay, what's been going on in my life? Got to hang out with my husband's sister, whom we haven't seen in 12 years. She had never met her nephews. Good times!

Jen Craun said...

OH DEAR. for real...

How about starting vacation off in the ER and OR for the husbands pinky finger surgery?

Or the first baby going into FIRST grade in 2 days.

Or the 4yo boy;s first trip to the Lego Store in CHI...

Yo-yo Mama said...

I'm cutting down the hemp in the backyard. I don't understand why everyone I tell this to thinks it's earning me money. Have they never encountered Nebraska ditch weed?? That shit is NASTY.

S said...

Facing an about face in my transition to the world of elementary school. Learned that K and the school practiced what to do should a stranger enter the school ( read: lunatic with a gun ). More info on my blog.

JudyMO said...

I think you underestimate what people are interested in. I'm never bored with your blog. It's sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, sometimes revealing encompassing struggles we all face, but always entertaining. If blippets work for you they work for me. Just don't give up. Maybe one of these day you'll be blogging about winning at Bingo;-)

Cindy said...

I thought Fred's idea on the Nat'l debt and the little league game was pretty funny. You could blog that one.

In my life? Well if I were a blogger, I could blog about several things.

My 3 Musketeers bars they "improved" to richer, more chocolate or something or other. Don't like, want my old candy bar back.

I'm turning 50 soon...gettin old..could go on for some time about that!

My New Years resolution was to get something hung on the walls in my house. It's almost September and I still have bare walls.

My 'em to death! Miss them so much when they go home. It's bad enough when I have them for a night or a weekend, but when I have one for almost 2 weeks, it's even harder to let them go!

If I win "all the money in your wallet" I want to trade it for another mug rug. Love mine and so does Henry, think I need another. :-)

And for the record, I agree with Gram Judy. I enjoy your blog no matter what you blog about. I always find it interesting and/or entertaining.
Love you Anna!

Anonymous said...

Dessert flavored gum? It's a tease, you only get the "dessert" for the first few bites an then it's just another piece of gum.

Canned air...I have no idea what you would say about, but I'm secretly fascinated with it.

See, nothing fun going on in my life that you don't already know about. Nothing I would declare blog-worthy though.

{B} said... under the wire for this contest! Well...ok I love your blog. Check it every day. I"m the first to know that you just don't feel like keeping up each and every day cuz you feel like no one's even reading it. NOT TRUE! What's going on in my life? work, driving to work, driving home from work. The birth rate decrease that has hit both coasts has NOT hit Lincoln, for now, I have job security. Sorry to hear that's not the case in your office. I'm also headed to 8 days, to celebrate a birthday for a one year old. And I"d love to read your "blippits" about Mr. E and his imagination, Fred and his crazy sense of humor, or Anna and her incredible talent at the wheel of the sewing machine. Life is short....stories are all you have to carry it on when you're gone. Tell them to me, Anna...and if I should win all the money in that wallet (all 5cents collecting dust there)....I want it sent with E to the mouse kingdom...complete with plenty of pictures of all 3 of you! Keep it have more readers than you even know! those Mr. E videos too!

virg_nelson said...

I know that it is too late to win all the money in your wallet but something new...

I quit my job, went back to school and am just a writer/reviewer/mom.

This has... completely changed my life. I miss Panera. I love hanging out with my kids. Although said kids now are doing their best to drive me buggy...

Also, college is FUN. How did I not know this?

Things you should blog about:
Keep up the good work. Your blog rocks. Possible other topics...
1. What's for dinner?
2. More pics of your cool sewing
3. Respond to other blogs that capture your attention. Poor Jackson Pearce... I do it to her alllll the time.
4. How I select fabric. Because I for one am fascinated on how you know that stars will go great with stripes. Mind boggling.