Friday, May 30, 2008

And I Was Runnin...

I've started running again. This time, for real.

Watching Fred run the 1/2m was inspiring so I went out that night and made it a mile (then felt like I was surely going to die of a heart attack). Since then I've been going out and I'm up to a tad over 3 miles.

My plan? Well - I don't know if I should announce it because then folks are going to hold me to it. Let's just say I have some (lofty?) goals in mind.

Starting with the Havelock Charity Run next weekend with Cindy. It's a 3K (or almost 2 miles) so should be a nice little jaunt through the Havelock area. I'm hoping then to start moving up and maybe do the Omaha half marathon at the end of September. Even crazier, I'm contemplating joining a team to do the Market to Market Relay in October and maybe, just maybe, the Lincoln full marathon next May.

BUT... Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. For now I need to get a solid 3 - 4 miles in every few days before I can start ramping up. AND... I need to buy some running clothes that fit.

Katy - I apologize for my apparent lack of wittiness in this blog. It's kind of a snooze.

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Katy said...

I read it and pretended the Rocky theme "Gonna Fly Now" was playing in the background, and that kept the entertainment value up...