Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Remember "My Buddy" ?

A great toy from the 1980's, My Buddy was sure to be every kid's best friend. At our house, Sienna is the kid and Elliot is My Buddy.

And just like the song, wherever she goes, he's gonna go. My Buddy.

Some Buddy Elliot is. Stalks her, chases her, jingles her tags, pulls her whiskers, puts his hand in her water. This weekend was a riot (the type where you, as the parent, try not to laugh) - Sienna got in her sleeping box. Elliot crawled in the box with her. They both shifted around a bit then Sienna got out. So he followed. Seeing an empty box, Sienna climbed back in and was closely followed by her Buddy.

A cute moment between those two was sitting at the back door watching Fred put down fertilizer. It was sort of like the scene from Forrest Gump as they both watched his every move from their spots.

As much as that cat and I don't get along, I have to give her credit for being so tolerant of Elliot. And for cleaning up after him when he throws hot dogs.

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Tina H. said...

Everytime I read this post, I get the My Buddy and ME theme in my head!!