Friday, June 20, 2008

Berry Pickin Time

A few years ago, Cindy and I decided we were going to go berry picking at Roca. We went, had fun and decided we'd keep doing it.

A year or so ago we each established our own berry patches. Mine was new and didn't produce much, but I think Cindy got some decent fruiting from hers.

This year I asked if she'd want to renew this almost-tradition of berry picking and she said that she really didn't need to because of the plentiful amount of luscious, juicy berries her plants are producing. (My words, not hers... and they might be a little exaggerated.)

I was hoping my friend (and secret girl crush) Kelly would go with me but her hubby is sick. All in a frump I emailed Fred that I'd be going solo if I wanted berries and so much for a tradition!

Fred's response?

Don't be mad just because her berry patch is producing and ours is squirrel and bird food.

Whatever, Fred.

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