Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 2nd my favorite accessory

This is my running watch (geek watch as Anna likes to call it). I purchased it two years ago today. As many of you know I have developed a severe phobia of buyer's remorse over the last 5 years (I believe it's a genetic thing from my Mother's side of the family tree). Anything that costs $50 or higher, I just can't hardly stomach purchasing for fear I will regret it. The higher the purchase price the more severe the fear. It usually results in Anna making all of our large purchase decisions for us so that I can just blame her if it was a bad purchase down the road. I feel this is a slightly different condition than being "cheap" because I do like to have nice things and am willing to spend the money if I can be assured I Will "get my money's worth" from the product.

Okay.... so the watch is one of these pricey items that I was hesitant to purchase. After my former watch crapped out on me Anna encouraged me to get this new better model. After much internal dialogue about whether I would ever get $100 worth of use out of it I did purchase the watch from Lincoln Running Company.

Today on the second anniversary of it's purchase I checked out the watch's totals. The watch and I have recorded 948.32 miles together (68.73 of which were on bike) over 136 hours 58 minutes and 13 seconds of use. We have ran in 7 different states (NE, KS, IA, MO, SD, VA, IL) and DC. We have raced in 2-Half Marathons, 1-15K, 1-10 Mile Race, 2-5 Mile Races and 3-5ks.

So at this point, 2 years after the purchase, I officially feel like I have gotten my $120 worth out of my watch. Depending on how you analyze it it has ended up costing me $ .13 per mile or $.014 per minute of use. If only every product allowed such great financial analysis.

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