Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diaper Cakes, Eateries and Climbing on Chairs

My parents came on Saturday to hang out with us and thankfully it only took Elliot 15 minutes to warm up to them. I was a little concerned, but it's amazing what a piggy bank in the shape of a car and a seemingly endless handful of change will do!

My house guests, cousins Sabrina and way-pregnant Teresa, came Saturday night. I learned a nifty craft that is still somewhat new to the Nebraska area: making a diaper cake. As Auntie D and my mom learned, a diaper cake is not a real cake but a crafting of diapers in the form of a wedding cake. A cake adorned with all varieties of baby items.

We, of course, had to eat at Runza and Valentino's. They are fine establishments, my dear out of town guests, but Lincoln has more to offer than cabbage rolls and pizza and I would LOVE to show them to you!

Teresa's baby shower was Sunday and that was a blast. Crazy Aunt Brenda did her voodoo on the girls to predict their babies. (I probably shouldn't note this here, but CAB did predict I would have a boy and a girl. I had the boy. You can keep the girl.)

On Monday, the girls left. Almost immediately, a new little boy sprouted out of Elliot - climbing up chairs and bar stools, screeching his voice, running and even sprouting another of his eye teeth. He's a changed man, I tell ya, a changed man. The best part of Monday was checking out the new spray grounds at recently renovated Trago Park. (I forgot the camera, sorry.) Elliot loved it and so did his parents; I hope these catch on - we had more fun at this than a pool any day.

Then came Tuesday. Fred went to work. Anna went to work. Elliot went to school. And Sienna?

Well, she napped all day without being chased around, shaken from a nap, hit with pillows and forced to kiss and hug. I guess at least someone shows her attention, right?

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