Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Am "That Girl"

We all know that girl or that guy that you worked with that did something stupid. I have to admit it - I am that girl.

Yesterday we were moving offices and I was trying to help out a coworker by fixing a wood carved sculpture that broke in her office. I got the toolbox. I got out a fresh new tube of super glue. I popped the seal and PSSSSHHHH out sprayed glue... everywhere. It was like a mini fountain of water droplets only these were super sticky death droplets.

Wendi describes what happened best - I was worried about it being all over the place, on my hands and face and potentially even in my eye (because, seriously, like I need the Menard's Incident all over again??) and then a look came over my face. Oh. Shit. I looked at Wendi and said "Wendi?" in my small, did-this-really-just-happen voice. My finger was glued to the super glue bottle. Super glued to the super glue bottle.

At first it was a little funny, until it really wouldn't come off. (Which begs the question - why do we inevitably think that it wouldn't really stick to us?) Then we realized we had no way to remove the bottle. We tried hot water - nothing. Even a piece of ice - nothing. Called Katy and she suggested WD-40 (seriously??) but we didn't have any. Finally, Wendi made a trip down to Walgreen's to get some Acetone that according to our online sources said it should work.

What they didn't warn us about is putting acetone in a Styrofoam bowl. If you ever want to see a bowl disappear in literally 4 seconds - fill it with acetone.

In the end, the glue bottle came off and I didn't lose much skin. Fellow employees were a little bummed that a. I wasn't thinking it was hilarious yet and b. I didn't get a picture of the glue bottle stuck to my finger. Hey - I can't ALWAYS be the funny one.

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