Friday, July 24, 2009

And the Battle Rages On

I love Elliot to pieces - all the way from his adorable new facial expression to his constant stubbornness. Most days.

The battle du jour at chez Seckman is potty training. Elliot wants nothing to do with it - won't step into the bathroom unless its for a bath, won't even touch the big boy underwear and adamantly refuses if the idea of pottying is even suggested. We even bought him Thomas the Train stickers - he acts all stickers are sooo for 1 year olds, guys.

Did I mention that's only at home?

At daycare he toddles over to the bathroom, drops his drawers and tinkles. Multiple times every single day. He gets teeny tiny stickers and is SO PROUD of them. Shows them to his classmates, shows them to the security guards and inevitably wears one home on his shirt proudly announcing to anyone that asks "Go potty!"

And I applaud this and praise this. And then - geez, Mom - I nonchalantly say "hey, we should try to potty at home too!" with a big, Mom-ish grin. I am met with a cold stare and a very solemn "No. No potty." Game over; I just put a screeching halt on his good time.

So what to do?

Fred took Elliot in for his 30 month appointment and asked his fabulous doctor about it. She suggested a sticker chart. And pointing out other kids his age that don't wear diapers. What I think she doesn't know (or wasn't told, perhaps?) was that our kid has the coolest stickers in town AND DOESN'T CARE and has underwear with firetrucks AND DOESN'T CARE.

So, again, what to do?

She says not to push him. It's the ONE thing they have 100% control over and it is a battle that the parents will never, ever win. He'll come around, she assures us. Riiight, I think, when he's in like 3rd grade - and you bet your bippee I'll be shoving him into those 2T firetruck undies!

What it boils down to is this: the boy can pee and poop whenever, wherever and however he wants. Should I provoke his stubborn side and start pushing potty training on him? Sure, if I want him pooping in potted plants and peeing on the cat.

I know what you're thinking and no - even though I don't like her, I don't wish for someone to tinkle on her.

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{B} said...

Let him win this'll make everyone's life easier. Boys are really stubborn (as if you hadn't figured that one out before you married Fred!)....but I swear to you...when he's ready, it'll be done in one day. And you WON'T have to take diapers to kindergarten. Let him call the shots...but remind him when it comes to driving that he already won one battle in his life, and he'll not be winning any "driving" battles! (and give him a kiss from Aunt B!) love ya...