Thursday, July 16, 2009

Appealing to a Higher Power

We have tickets with the Medwick's to see Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt this coming Sunday.

I - foolishly - thought that today would be an okay amount of time to tell Elliot without him driving me too batty asking to go.

A: Hey Elliot. Do you like Thomas?
E: Yes. Choo-choooo! Dinga-dinga-dinga!
A: Do you want to see Thomas?
E: (Looks, inquisitively.)
A: We're going to ride Thomas and see Sir Topham Hatt on Sunday.
E: I see Toppahatt today!
A: No, three days.
E: Today!
A: No, three days.
E: (In a humph, I will not be defeated way) Me wan talk to Daddy.

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