Monday, March 8, 2010

Moody Monday

I forgot half of my lunch today.
If it's anonymous, why assign me a number?
I didn't breastfeed and he survived. Back off.
I want our house back on the market soon.
I want to buy a new house.
My wedding ring barely fits anymore.
Their vacation is making a problematic deadline.
Info was due to me Friday; I have one piece.
Great Expectations is the loooongest book ever.
Elliot was spoiled rotten for 2 full days.
He wouldn't sleep last night; he's cranky.
Fred is cranky because he couldn't run.
I'm just cranky because it's fun.
Daycare is NOT rotting my child's brain, thank you.
I have a quilt due in 4 weeks... it's barely started.
The gals in this office sure can stink up a bathroom.
I had to grocery shop at Wal-Mart (shudders).
Wal-Mart's fruit was super nasty. Super. Nasty.
My favorite radio station was just static.
These boots are making my ankle hurt.

Scratch all that - I just found frozen Thin Mints in the freezer.
Whoopee! The day is saved!

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Jen ~ said...

I can't even write a comment about this because I'm still laughing. Thank you.