Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walgreen's is my Cheer's

You know when you go somewhere so often that you're sort of a "regular" around there? That's how pretty much all downtown-workers feel about Walgreen's; we are the Norm and the Cliff and it is Cheer's.

And, when you're a regular you know the flow of the place - how it works. You know that there are always two cashiers at Walgreen's but you only form one line that feeds to both of them. (Remember taking turns in Kindergarten?) It's just how it works. Smooth, efficient and fair. The suits respect the heels and vice-versa.

I'm going to assume, young man, that because you were walking around with your backpack, shredded jeans, greasy hair and acne-filled face that you're not employed downtown. I'm going to go waaaaay out on a limb here and say you're with the Girl's State Basketball crowds. (It's about the same as my feelings on those f'ing roller skating folks.)

In which case, you don't KNOW the unwritten law that is 'waiting in line at Walgreen's' so when you saw 6 of us lined up you decided Hey! I know! I'll just go right up to this counter behind this lady! What are all these ridiculous fools doing waiting in one long line?

(Using my snotty voice) Well, aren't you smart.

You see, what you just did was create mayhem. Now, the other not-from-around-here's have followed suit, leaving those of us with manners to wait EVEN longer. AND you've clogged up the front of the store... likely the reason the single-line approach has always worked so well.

So please, take your score of Skittles, Nerds and Mountain Dew and move on. Us employed folks have important purchases like magazines, Easter candy and lip gloss to buy.


Tina said...

The single line works so well.. I just don't understand people who don't get it and it happens to me ALL the time!! Of course it would be quicker for you to go to that "shorter" line, because you just cut in front of EVERYONE else waiting! grr.. I didn't let it happen to me at Kohl's customer service - I was here first, lady - thank you very much! Oh boy, sorry about that... your rant made me rant!!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. YES. I am so with you. YES. Also, now I want Skittles.