Monday, October 25, 2010

Being Justified = I'm Not Crazy

I was talking to Fred last week about my gym class post and how I had just discovered that that instance is likely what made me hate sports so much. His comment?

"You sure seem to be making a lot of discoveries lately."

Not knowing how to take this (is he calling me a liar?!), I said that I should be, considering this is like an online journal that I've been doing for over 3 years and left it at that. But it stayed with me all weekend and led me to wonder if anyone believes the crap I spew out here even though it is true, to the best of my knowledge? I know my mother (hi mom) thinks it's made up or "just more talking" as she put it, but Fred?

So you can imagine my surprise and believe that I damn near fell out of my chair when I was reading the latest issue of Parents where on page 46 is an article titled "The Coach-Couch Connection" that justifies what I said.

"Kids who have a bad experience with a gym teacher or coach may grow up to be sedentary adults ... [a gym teacher or coach] who's demeaning can give a kid a negative association with sports and /or exercise ... [and] can damage kids' self-esteem."

And when I held this article in his face to read, you bet your ass I told him (politely, of course) to SUCK IT because it is real and I'm not crazy.

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Tina said...

haha - I believe your stories, Anna!!