Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting to Know Anna Seckman

Here we go for Round 2 of getting to the know the Seckmans that are Saying Things here. This time, spotlight is on yours truly.

You might be wondering how this all came about and well, I'll tell you. I actually wanted to play a 'Dating Game' kind of game where he had to answer things about ME. But. Well. He didn't. So now I'm making due with the answers I had already provided.

Without further ado:

What is your idea of a good date?
Dinner and a movie

You're stranded on an island, what three things would you have?
A book, sunglasses and a boat

Your house is on fire. What do you grab?
Sewing machine

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Go back to sleep

Do you see a glass half-empty or half-full?
I don't even have a glass

What do you see yourself doing when you retire?
Driving around the country to see things

You are driving and get lost. What do you do?
Panic and then blame Fred or yell at my mom's Garmin Guy

You've just been told you have a few months to live. What do you do?
Travel - a lot

How do you impress a date's parents or friends?
By breaking their chair at dinner (right Jim and Cindy?)

A kid comes up to you and kicks you in the shin. What do you do?
Cuss and yell at him and imagine kicking him back

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who and what would you talk about?
Amelia Earhart and flying

Your work lets you out early. What do you do with this free time?
Go home. Nap, read or sew.

A cashier gives you too much money back. What do you do?
Try to give it back (I can't steal pens either)

If you could work in any profession, what would it be?
Something relating to fabric

What are some nicknames you've had?
Banana, Rekicnew, Dorothy, Roomby, Lardo, Weinerbutt Wenciker

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, there you have it. I'm mostly shocked I made it through that without throwing in a Y&R reference! Holla to Victor Newman! Ooops, spoke too soon.

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