Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Like and Dislike

Things I like:
1. Pinterest... I'm totally in love but bummed you have to register through twitter or fb only.
2. Wal-Mart at 8:20am on a Monday*
3. Feeling better about myself and life in general
4. Getting new sewing/quilting books and fabric in the mail
5. Losing weight and having incentives lined up
6. Reconnecting with friends
7. Planning future trips and mini-vacays with Fred
7a. And maybe seeing the Medwicks!
8. Brightly shining sun on an otherwise cold day
9. Elliot learning how to bowl
9a. Listening to Judy sing about Dinah in the kitchen
10. Ending a list on a nice even number like ten

Things I dislike:
1. Elliot after a weekend in Tecumseh
2. Finding out the new meds aren't covered by insurance
3. And that they'd be $647/month
4. Missing Y&R on my day off because I was at GrammaJudy Chinese
5. Cookie Buffets are not a part of the Weight Watchers plan
6. Not knowing if my hair girl Sommer had her baby since I quit fb
7. Deciding not to attend a friend's wedding this summer
7a. Telling him we're not coming
8. Seeing crocus pop up and knowing it's too early
9. Having to "discipline" Elliot in the bowling alley (See 9a.)
10. The scabby used-to-be-a-zit on my forehead

What are you liking and disliking today?
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*I use the word "like" very loosely here as I cannot stand that store. I suppose I just find it more tolerable when there are only 14 cars in the entire guest parking lot.

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Jen Craun said...

LOVE the new look!!! One thing I don't like, insurance not covering stuff. A thing I do like -- winning an appeal with insurance to cover them. Seriously, you need to fight them. :)