Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bunny Knows

I remember staring at my cousin Carrie and not being able to find the words to ask her the biggest question I had in my mind: how did the Easter Bunny know you'd be here?

For whatever reason, her and her brother had stayed at our Grandma's house that weekend and it was completely outside of my comprehension how he - the Bunny - would know to find them there. 

Did he go to their house and find it empty? 
Had their parents informed him ahead of time?
Was he really magic and just knew?

Regardless - he found them and here were their baskets and eggs were strewn about the room, waiting for the two to find them.  And I don't recall her response to my question but it was something along the lines of him 'just knowing' where they were... looking back, and knowing our age difference, I'm sure my question was also answered with a grin that all adults and older children get when in the presence of little believers. 

The oh! isn' this cute she believes in the Easter Bunny look. 
The very same look I probably give to my own child.

We may find ourselves out of town Easter morning and I am finding myself in this same predicament as Elliot's old enough to know about the Bunny but young enough to believe.  I'm not even sure if he'll think, but I already find myself wondering what my response will be.

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Jen Craun said...

I like this cusp age, aware, but still believing in the magic.