Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'd Like an Update with a Side of Updates, Please

1.  The office pooper has either moved upgraded it's wrath or we have another bathroom offender.  Our newest culprit is the seat pee-er on-er.  I'm so over the females in my office.

2.  Thanks, no doubt, to your fabulous comment/letters, Fred has agreed to a removal plan of the world's unfriendliest bushes ever.  2 years, he claims, and they'll be gone.  That gives me just enough time to save up my allowance to PAY someone else to do it.  Heh.

3.  Elliot would like a baby sister.  I'm still laughing hysterically.

4.  Elliot would like a puppy and a kitty.  Again, laughing, still.

5.  I'm going to be a gardener this year.  I've planned out my planting list (perennials, thankyouverymuch) and have a list and am ready to hit up the big plant sale this weekend.  Garden - you will be mine.  Oh yes, you will be mine.  (Well, until you make me hot and sweaty, fill with bugs or get too many weeds or it's too hot to go out and water or or ...)

6.  I got to hang out with my girl crush on Friday!!! After much giggling, cuddling and spa services we went our seperate ways on Saturday.  My heart breaks but is filled with hope that I'll see my South Carolina love again.

7.  Best news ever for Fred and Elliot: I'm in a decent mood today.

What's going on in your life?

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