Friday, June 17, 2011

Bedtime Battle: Elliot 1, Mommy 0

Elliot's been a bear at bedtime lately from getting pajamas on to brushing teeth to getting into bed all before yelling and singing in bed in a valiant effort to keep himself awake for a solid 2 hours before his body gives up in exhaustion - it's a struggle every day that's getting older by the second.

Last night he asked to sleep in his clothes and being a battle we're not going to fight, Fred obliged his request.  Then laid down the law telling him no more special game time (read: trying to break the precious iPad) unless he can go to bed quietly like a big boy and not like the writhing baby he's been.

So, much to my surprise, he went to bed peacefully.

For a while.

About 30 minutes later I hear a voice pipe up from his room.

E:  Mommy?  Will you come in here please?
A:  What do you need?
E:  I want pajamas.
A:  Nope, sorry.  No pajamas.  You wanted to sleep in your clothes and you're supposed to be asleep so lay down and go to bed.
E:  But I want jammas.
A:  Sorry.
E:  But I want---
A:  Elliot James, what did Daddy say?  Don't start crying or there's truly no iPad games for you.
E:  (Very meek voice) But I want jammas.
A:  Nope, sorry.  Go to bed.
E:  I could take off my clothes.
A:  (Exasperated) Fine, do whatever you want, sleep in your underwear, I don't care, just go to bed.

I went in around 10pm to tuck him in and the kid's naked as a jailbird wearing only his Batman socks.  He might be stubborn (a trait from his father)(surely)(SHUTup) but at least he keeps his word.


virg_nelson said...

This left me giggling hysterically. My children now think I am insane. Thanks for the smile.

Judy Mo said...

My funny fix for the day. Oh that Elliot. It's hard to get ahead of him isn't it?