Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Updates and Smatterings

Those Damn Bushes.  Long blog post short, ugly and pokey bushes line our front walkway and I want them gone.  Now.  We've agreed on 2 years which is now down to 1 year and 8 months since I started the Campaign of Doom in March of this year.  Times-a-tickin, Freddie Bill.

Un-Pregnancy Scare.  Elliot told his classmates all about his little brother the other day.  How he's little and he crawls and he's cute.  His name?  Henry.  Turns out, he meant to say Cousin.

My Numb Hands.  Still happens occasionally but not at the frequency it was.  I'm not bothered enough to actually fork out the money for a doctor's visit and am, instead, somewhat entertained by flicking my hand to see if I can feel it.  I can't.

Feelings. Let's talk about feeeeelings!  As mentioned here, Elliot still has a higher preference for his dad over me.  Most recently I heard this gem: Mom, I like you but I like daddy more so he's going to put me to bed.  Dagger to the heart, man.

My Yard.  Turns out, I'm still not going to be a gardener.  I have managed to keep some flowers alive (read: it's rained on just the right days) but haven't done much more than that.  I blame the bunnies that ate my freshly planted cornflowers and the stupidly hot sun; they have sucked my will to live.  As a gardener, that is.

The Big Craft Update.  Since doing all of of my updates and announcing my upcoming appearance at the Farmers' Market, I've sold a business card wallet, a doll quilt and three pairs of pajamas.  I'm also going to be featured (not sure when) on a local blogger's Homegrown Wednesday segment!  Hooray!

Posts.  While I know they have been infrequent as of late, they're inching up to the 500 mark.  What should we do?  Have a blog party?  (What is a blog party?)  Have a giveaway of some kind?

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You should blog tour... and visit my blog. I need a little Anna over there. :)